Our Vision

At LearnerYou, we believe everyone has the capacity to live up to their potential. All it takes is one empowering connection. On the LearnerYou platform, you can find and work with quality mentors and coaches through 1:1 video sessions to navigate personal challenges and build the life you love.

Our Story

We are builders, designers and entrepreneurs who believe mentorship and coaching changes lives. We came together to build a space where anyone can easily find and work with quality mentors and coaches.

Meet Our Team

Vivian Lei
Founder & CEO
Himanshu Mistry
Engineer & Advisor
Michael Zhong
Bruce Craven

We Believe

Unlock your potential

We believe that everyone has the ability to unlock their potential - all it takes is an intelligent connection. We provide exactly that.

Embracing change & growth

The most impactful leaders, builders and creators of our time have all invested heavily in life-long growth and learning. We believe the same opportunity should be available for all.

Providing a community at your fingertips

Great things can be achieved when we're inspired by others. We bring experienced coaches and supportive communities to support you.